Spatial Texts, Religious Cartography and Pilgrimage Practice, 24 mai 2011

Jörg GENGNAGEL (South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University)

Spatial Texts, Religious Cartography and Pilgrimage Practice. Case Studies from Banaras and Jaipur. Discutant: Catherine Servan-Schreiber (CEIAS, Paris)

In this talk I will present a few case studies where a simultaneous look at textual prescriptions, religious cartography and pilgrimage practice illustrates conflicts and contestations linked to religious territory. In the presented cases the normative “spatial texts” seem to reflect and highlight a tension between textual prescription and actual practice. I would like to take up these examples in order to discuss whether the religious elites have the power to shape and control a “territoire du religieux” or whether the normative power of texts and elites seems to be rather limited. The presented material includes texts and religious and topographical maps collected at the Varanasi Research Project in Heidelberg and is in one instance based on research in Jaipur.

Références bibliographiques:

A 20th century pilgrimage map of Varanasi, size 56 x 43,5 cm, offset print on paper (private collection Jörg Gengnagel)


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